Publications – Paper

mini_mini_capa15Scarium Megazine 15 – Giulia Moon (ed)

A survivor, Scarium is the last man standing in the once flourishing fanzine scenarium in Brazil. Giulia Moon, a great brazilian terror writer, was the editor and picked my first story ever published in paper.


Story: ‘Strangers in the night’ (Well, is the first in a serie of unpublished stories about a pair of vampire hunters)

mini_capa191 Scarium 19 – Gabriel Bozano (editor)

This was a special edition, dedicated to ‘pulp’ science fiction. I contributed with a short story and an article that granted me my first epic flame-war in brazilian fandom. Yes, there are people that STILL hate me because of these 3 pages…


 Story: ‘Lentidão’ (‘Slowness’, an ex-Star Trek’s fanfic about a charismatic thief trying to escape from Paradise City. I still want to develop better the character and the scenarium)

foto185Grageas. 100 cuentos breves de todo el mundo – Sergio Gaut vel Hartman (org).

An argentinian collection of short stories from all around the world, a book made possible by the efforts of a kind and obstinate editor.



Story: ‘Mariposas’ (‘Butterflies’, a little unload of emotions)

1140529-9914-cp22Portal Neuromancer – Nelson de Oliveira (org)

A SF collection with writers that are familiar to the genre, as Fabio Fernandes e Jacques Barcia, e neophits.

Story: ‘O templo do amor’ (‘Temple of love’, a border science-fiction that tells the story of Andrew, a killer hired to eliminate the Priestess of Love – her own beloved Oprah. Inspired by ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ song)

anacronicas1AnaCrônicas. Pequenos Contos Mágicos

Finally, my first short stories collection. The majority were published first in websites. The introduction was writen by Octavio Aragão, my ‘godfather’ in the brazilian fandom.




paradigmas-1-capa-2d-frenteParadigmas 1 – Richard Diegues (org)

A new approach in the brazilian market of anthologies. Richard Diegues selected 13 stories from 13 brazilian writers to break paradigms. It’s a mix of SF, Fantasy and Terror.



Story: ‘O templo do Amor’

capa_espelhos_irreais2Espelhos Irreais – Ana Cristina Rodrigues (org)

The first book born in my project focused in the formation of new writes. Five short stories about kings, queens, princes and princesses, from fairy tales to science fiction. I’m very proud of it.


Story: ‘A morte do Temerário’ (‘The Temeraire‘s Death’, an historical fantasy piece with Charles the Bold of Burgundy, his most loyal servant Olivier de La Marche and the desire to be king)


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